Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

Dogs are among the most intelligent animals in the universe; there’s no doubt about it. However, did you realize that certain breeds of dogs are smarter than the rest? It’s true. As per the American Kennel Club, many breeds of “herd or hunting” dogs which were created to hunt for food or to protect livestock and other animals, are genetically inclined to be among the most intelligent breeds of dogs. Before you begin to argue that your dog is the most intelligent, you should consider the other aspects that are used in determining a dog’s intelligence because it’s not always purely biological. It can be based on how easy breeds are to learn, their capacity to comprehend humans as well as how quickly to research they’re able to do and how proficient they are at certain tasks, and more. If you’re searching for an elite dog to add to your family, check if they have the ability to pass the test.

10-Border Collie

Although there are a variety of smart dog breeds available, however, none are as smart as the Border Collie. It is likely that you will see the Border Collie trying to solve an issue even when no one is present to teach or praise the behavior. The breed is typically used for livestock herding. This dog can be trained to perform complex tasks and is eagerly being tested!


In second place comes second is Poodle (fun information: it is the official breed in France!). They are renowned for their ability to train and their intelligence; poodles were often trained to perform circus-style acts in large crowds, and there are reports of them dressed as human beings and performing in skits! Poodles are often crowned “Best in Show” in highly regarded competitions, such as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

8-German Shepherd

This breed is considered to be the top of the line in terms of mastering new skills and techniques. In the end, police and the military have relied on German Shepherds to hunt away criminals as well as sniff out explosives, as well many other tasks. They are quick learners and enjoy a good test of their skills! They are also excellent pets, So think about them the next time you’re planning to purchase a dog.

7-Golden Retriever

They are among the most sought-after breeds due to their adorable and perfect for families. You might see helping police as well as other emergency responders. As the name implies, these dogs were designed to be exceptional at catching objects for their owners – whether it’s tennis balls or something else more important!

6-Doberman Pinscher

Intelligent and loyal, Dobermans were bred originally to serve as guard dogs, deploying an exceptional ability to smell (along with a scary look!). They are, however, excellent at adjusting to any lifestyle or activity, particularly if they’re educated from a young age to interact with people as well as other dogs.

5-Shetland Sheepdog

They love a mental challenge and excel at new tasks. Herding dogs are bred for them. Shetlands will never tire of training and learning! They are a very energetic breed that requires a lot of exercises. The breed is sometimes referred to as “shadows” as a testament to their devotion and loyalty to their owners.

4-Labrador Retriever

This is another very popular breed among families due to its easygoing nature. Labs are fond of swimming and are pros at the water. You may see this dog on the side of a fisherman or hunter. They are extremely sweet and are often used in counseling, support for emotional issues as well as for the benefit of those who are blind or handicapped.


Also known as also referred as “Toy Spaniel,” and is easily identified by its ear-shaped butterfly and fine hair. The top of the line in obedience These dogs are a hit in the contest arena. If you’re in search of dogs that can be trained to behave in the manner you prefer you want, then don’t look any further!


It is interesting to note that this species is thought to come from the herding dogs that were used in the Roman Empire! A favorite breed among the military, The Rottweiler, has a certain level of ability that makes them easy to train and extremely guardian. Do not let their intimidating looks put you off. They are great with children!

1-Australian Cattle Dog

Also known as the “Blue Heeler,” this is yet another herding animal that made a list. Although Cattle Dogs are very smart, they also have active! The owners of Australian Cattle Dogs should train regularly and frequently so that they remain happy and well-behaved.

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